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Shadley has consistently aimed at incorporating features of excellence in its campus, academics, infrastructure and environment.

The teaching and learning is a well-planned process. Our child centered learning approach ensures that the students learn, rather than are merely taught.

The system is well carved to have a blend of knowledge, skill, right approach and attitude. The students are encouraged and trained in environmental system and ethics also.

An Institution of Learning has Three Key Responsibilities:

  • Its students.
  • The course of knowledge.
  • Society/people around it.

At Shadley, we take these responsibilities seriously :

  • To student, Shadley is not just an institution of learning but a crucible where their character and values are shaped.

  • To impart knowledge, Shadley's role goes beyond merely disseminating knowledge, to expanding its very boundaries.

  • Towards society, every little step and action that we take is for the larger goals of society of which it is a part.

Mr. Hemant Sachdeva
Managing Director




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